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Quran for Kobo, Kindle, Nook

This is the best pdf document I have found for the Holy Quran for the Kobo, Kindle and Nook. I will post screen shots from Kobo Touch and hope that some one who has downloaded this on their Kindle and Nook can share their experiences.  I have modified the Table of Contents which is essential for a good ereading experience. The Table of Contents has a few screens by which the bookmarks are organized.  These are as follows

1. Five Surah & 4 Qul
2. Juzz Number
3. Surah Index (Alphabtically)

With these bookmarks above you can navigate easily to any Surah or Juzz.  This is the link to download this eQuran

I will post screenshots of how this looks on my kobo.

Update April 27, 2012: I am attaching screenshots of Quran in my Kobo Touch (low resolution).  If you have screenshots to share from your devices please post in comments and I will move them in main body of this article.